The exclusive Beast chat transcript

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The NFC Beast chat this morning drew more than 15,000 readers -- give or take 14,000. It was a time where we came together to answer the most pressing draft-related questions, such as, "What will Baylor do to protect Robert Griffin now that Jason Smith is with the Rams?"

I hate to oversell things, but this chat certainly felt like one of the most important things to happen at ESPN.com in the noon ET hour. Feel free to read at your own leisure. And here's a prime example of what took place in the SportsNation chat room, which sounds creepier than it really is:

Yatin (LA): While I think Jeremy Maclin can be a great WR in time, isn't he just too similar to DeSean Jackson? Wouldn't the Eagles have been better off taking an over-the-middle threat like Brandon Pettigrew?

SportsNation Matt Mosley: (12:08 PM ET ) Yatin: I've been on the Pettigrew bandwagon for months (perhaps years), but I don't have a big problem with the Maclin pick. They saw some unbelievable value at No. 19 so they moved up and took him. Maclin was only available because Al Davis is infatuated with 40 times, and that bumped Michael Crabtree and Maclin down. Maclin's the second best receiver in this draft behind Crabtree. I don't care if he has the exact same dimensions as Jackson (Maclin's a little taller). If you have two excellent young speedsters, you can find a way to deploy them. If the Eagles had taken Pettigrew, a lot of Eagles would still be screaming about not having enough weapons at receiver. It's hard to say that right now. And the Eagles had so much success with Jackson last season, it's hard to blame them for taking another rookie receiver.