Michael Vick will get the start

Update: ESPN's Adam Schefter has confirmed the Inquirer's report about Vick starting.

I realize Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid left the door open for Kevin Kolb to practice Friday, but it's hard to imagine any scenario in which he takes the field Sunday in Detroit. The Eagles have faced a lot of scrutiny for the way Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley were allowed to return to the game in the first half following big collisions.



The NFL Players Association's medical expert didn't find anything wrong with the Eagles' protocol with Kolb and Bradley, but that doesn't change the perception that those players had no business returning to the field. Concussions aren't like high ankle sprains where we can know a player's coming back in 4-6 weeks. Sometimes a player returns after missing one game and other times they're out for weeks at a time.

Vick will likely take all the first-team snaps in practice this week, and it will be hard to drag him out of the lineup if the Eagles put up big numbers against a stingy Jim Schwartz defense. I'll have a column on this whole situation later today.