Should Eagles cut ties with Brown?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The main story line at this weekend's teamwide Eagles minicamp ought to be the additions of rookies such as Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy -- with a little Donovan McNabb on the side. But because of cornerback Sheldon Brown's recent whining over his contract and the club's angry response, something else will be on the agenda. Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan thinks the Eagles should tell Brown to stay away from the NovaCare complex altogether. And that's probably a good idea. The Eagles dealt two fifth-rounders for starting Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs on Sunday, so it's not like they have to have Brown around. Sheridan wrote:

The absolute wrong thing for the Eagles to do -- and the thing they've publicly indicated they will choose in spite of reason and several hard-learned lessons -- is to hang on to Brown just to prove some kind of muddled point.

"The only real consideration should be this: What course of action gives the Eagles the best chance to win the Super Bowl this season? A year after Lito Sheppard quit on them, poisoned the air in the locker room, and took up a valuable roster spot all season, the answer seems pretty obvious.

I think Brown's receiving some bad advice in this situation. If he wants out of town, there are better ways to go about things. Sheppard spent last offseason playing the role of the martyr and ended up getting buried on the bench. Brown's a 30-year-old cornerback who probably has three or four solid seasons left. Did he think the Eagles would break down and immediately give in to his demands? The Eagles would be better off putting Brown on ice for a little while and seeing if another team gets desperate for a cornerback during training camp. But it's not going to happen. Looks like we're in for an awkward weekend.