Redskins rookie OT leans on Samuels

I was quite impressed with how Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams played against DeMarcus Ware last Sunday night. Williams did not shut Ware down, but he did make things difficult. And the play on which he drove safety Gerald Sensabaugh 15 yards down the field was a dominating effort.

WilliamsWilliamsAs Rick Maese of The Washington Post points out, Williams has been receiving advice from former Redskins Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels, whose neck injury was the main reason Washington selected Williams so early in the draft.

"He gives me so much insight," Williams said of Samuels. "I really couldn't gauge it if I didn't have him. I don't even know what it'd be like.

"He just got done going up against a lot of these people that I'm playing. He's got a lot of inside tips. It's not just like a coach telling me what I need to do. It's a person telling me how to do it because he had success in the past doing it that way."

What started out as a summer coaching internship has become a season-long gig for Samuels. And Williams has the most to gain from that situation.