Dez Bryant's first TD is on the board

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys rookie sensation Dez Bryant had a 62-yard punt return for a touchdown to give his team a 7-3 lead. Of course, the Bears have just made it 10-7 with tight end Greg Olsen's touchdown. Cowboys brought the blitz up the middle and Jay Cutler found Olsen in the middle of the field. Cowboys safety Alan Ball never had a chance on the play because he was completely out of position.

On Bryant's return, he broke one tackle attempt from Josh Bullocks before exploding down the left sideline. Former Ball State standout punter Brad Maynard had no chance once Bryant gave him a nice stutter-step move in the open field. Apparently all the contact work the Bears did with Maynard in training camp did not pay off at the moment of truth.

Really nice adjustment by Mike Martz to start hitting the Cowboys with some quick passes after not having any success early in the game.