Brandon Jacobs' unintentional grounding

As if a 38-14 road loss to the Indianapolis Colts wasn't embarrassing enough, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs unintentionally flung his helmet into the stands in the third quarter. It was the most athletic play of the night for a 264-pound player who managed eight yards on four carries.

Jacobs was apologetic after the game and claimed he was attempting to throw the helmet into the ground in disgust before it slipped and started flying toward fans. No one appeared to be injured, but fans were understandably reluctant to give up the souvenir when approached by a security guard.

NBC's Andrea Kremer reported that Giants coach Tom Coughlin shouted at Jacobs for his lack of sideline etiquette and it appeared that defensive end Justin Tuck also admonished the running back. I'm sure the league office will take a look at the video and possibly talk to fans who were in the vicinity.

He's very fortunate he didn't injure anyone with the wild toss. If he'd drawn blood, I think a suspension would have been in order. Instead, he just added another layer of embarrassment to the Giants' performance. Jacobs has been frustrated with his backup status with the team. He'd just taken a handoff and tried to reverse field against the Colts' speedy defense.

"I was frustrated and went to throw it down on the ground, and it got caught on my finger and went into (the stands)," said Jacobs. "I apologize for that. It was frustration on my part."

Coughlin said he didn't see the incident, but it didn't take him long to get an explanation.

"From what I understand, he lost his poise and did something he shouldn't have done, and if someone was hurt, then we would all feel bad about that," said Coughlin.

Jacobs has acted immaturely for the past few weeks and this was no exception. I wouldn't be surprised if the league fines him somewhere north of $20,000. That could have been a nightmare scenario for the league if someone had been struck with the helmet.