Vick move a mistake by Eagles

Andy Reid's decision to go with Michael Vick as starting quarterback is stunning.

It's also a mistake and out of character for an organization that usually doesn't make reactionary moves.

The Eagles' plan was to develop Kevin Kolb as Donovan McNabb's replacement and have Vick available as a backup and to run Wildcat plays. Unless Reid feels as though Kolb has serious concussion issues, the decision to make him the backup is further proof the Eagles should have waited a year to make a quarterback transition.

The Vick comeback is one of the best stories in football this season. But Reid and the Eagles decided to trade McNabb to Washington because they thought Kolb was the perfect rhythm quarterback to work out of three- and five-step drops in a West Coast attack. Vick isn't a rhythm quarterback. He's a wild card who is at his best when he's scrambling and making plays.

The move sends mixed signals to the locker room. Vick is popular with teammates and players respect him. But where does this leave Kolb, who is effectively benched after playing less than one game this season? Kolb sat out Week 2 because of a concussion but was cleared to practice this week.

It's critical for the Eagles to roll off a winning streak in their next five games against the Jaguars, Redskins, 49ers, Falcons and Titans because their second-half schedule is brutal. In the final nine games, the Eagles face the Colts, Redskins, Giants, Bears, Texans, Cowboys, Giants, Vikings and Cowboys. If Vick doesn't win, it's going to be tough to go back to a cold Kolb.

In Philadelphia, the quarterback controversy will be the hot topic all season. I contend this was a controversy that wasn't needed. The Eagles should have kept McNabb for 2010.

They now have chaos instead.