Football Scientist weighs in on Vick-Kolb

KC Joyner, aka the Football Scientist, had an interesting spin on Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb via ESPNNewYork.com on Tuesday before Andy Reid made his big decision. Joyner thinks the Eagles' quarterback situation is a good thing for the New York Giants:

"For the past decade, Reid has been blessed with the services of Donovan McNabb and his superb decision making (he came into this year with the third lowest interception percentage in NFL history)," writes Joyner. "Mike Vick and Kevin Kolb don't fit that bill, as both have fared quite badly in my bad decision metric, a tape-based stat that tracks how often a quarterback makes a mistake with the ball that leads either to a turnover or a near turnover (e.g. dropped interception, etc.).

"Vick, for example, had five errors of this nature this past Sunday against a Detroit team that has been one of the worst at forcing quarterback mistakes over the past couple of seasons. Kolb has fared even worse than Vick in that metric on a percentage-wise basis, so even if he is healthy, he might not solve this problem."

I fear that Reid didn't consult the Football Scientist's "bad decision metric" before making his decision -- and that's a mistake.