Which NFL team owns Texas?

Noted author Roy S. Johnson has a column today on ESPN.com suggesting the Houston Texans have already overtaken the Dallas Cowboys as the best team in the state. It's amazing what a 2-0 start can do for the perception of an organization with no playoff pedigree. Johnson tracked down the most famous sportswriter this side of Blackie Sherrod to help drive home his point.

The great Dan Jenkins, who now tweets on a regular basis, indicated that Cowboys fans are outnumbered by supporters of college football. Hopefully his tongue was planted firmly in cheek:

"Most people in Texas are college football fans," Jenkins told Johnson. "There are more UT fans by far than Dallas Cowboy fans. More [Texas A&M] Aggies and now more [TCU] Frogs. College football will always be king down here. But I'm kinda tickled by what happened the first two games. What makes you hate the Dallas Cowboys is the media. I don't need to read 12 stories a day on them, and we get stories on them every day of the year.

"Plus, every year they're gonna win the Super Bowl. Every year! They lose couple of games and now everyone wants 'em dead."

Do you guys think the Texans have already surpassed the Cowboys in terms of state supremacy?