Jimmy Johnson: Cowboys too sloppy

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, he of "Survivor" fame, is in Los Angeles this week doing some promotional work for Fox and preparing for a Sunday segment on how to fix his former team. Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway caught up with Johnson via phone Wednesday and asked him what was wrong with the Cowboys.

"I've been talking to Troy [Aikman] about this," Johnson told Galloway, "and when I see the penalties, the assignment mistakes and just the undisciplined nature of the Cowboys, it's hard not to yell. That stuff goes back to the coaching, whether it was once me, or someone else. There is one thing about football.

"If a team is sloppy on Sunday, it almost without exception means the team was sloppy all week in practice. And there is no excuse for that. I know Wade agrees with me on this, but there's just too much sloppiness with this football team."

And Johnson's last quote in Randy's column was a doozy:

"I watch that team, and there's sure a lot of struttin' going on. What's that about? This team has won how many playoff games in how many years? And they strut around out there like they've got Super Bowl rings. For me, there's way too much struttin' going on and not enough winning going on."

And that's coming from a guy who now has an excellent relationship with Jerry Jones. I'm anxious to see what Johnson says next.