Rapid Reaction: Titans 29, Giants 10

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants lost a game and their composure Sunday afternoon at New Meadowlands Stadium. Let's take a quick look at the highlights and the many lowlights from a 29-10 loss that will leave a mark.

What it means: This was a game the Giants had to have at home. Even in the watered-down NFC East, a 1-2 start will be difficult to overcome. New York didn't have any trouble moving the ball, but two turnovers in the red zone were killers. You can understand losing on the road to a desperate Colts team, but this loss was unacceptable.

Critical play: Quarterback Eli Manning had an excellent day from a statistical standpoint but he set the tone for the Giants' red-zone failures when he inexplicably threw the ball toward the end zone with his left hand in the first quarter. The Giants were trailing 3-0 in the first quarter and obviously needed the points.

Critical play II: I could go on and on (and I will in a postgame column), but Ahmad Bradshaw's fumble at the Titans' 5-yard line in the third quarter pretty much ended this game. From that point on, the Giants lost their composure and acted like a bunch of clowns. Offensive linemen David Diehl and Kareem McKenizie were both hit with 15-yard penalties and then safety Antrel Rolle joined the action by slapping a Titans player late in the fourth quarter. Tom Coughlin was so angry with McKenzie that he pulled him off the field in favor of Shawn Andrews. I could see personnel changes this week, because the Giants are already in a desperate situation.

Goat: We have quite a few candidates, but Bradshaw has to get the award despite putting up excellent numbers. The fumble was awful and he was also called for a chop block that led to a safety for the Titans. That one wasn't totally his fault, but those plays figured heavily in the Giants' loss.

Trending: It's amazing to see a Coughlin team show such an utter lack of discipline. A week after Brandon Jacobs tossed his helmet into the stands, players were once again losing their cool on the field. The Giants appear to be the most undisciplined team in the NFC East right now -- and that's saying something.

What's next: The Bears are heading to town for a Sunday night game. If the Giants lose that one, you can kiss this season goodbye. In honor of Rolle, I think Coughlin should have his team at the stadium by at least noon.