You're on the air with Andy Reid

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Eagles head coach Andy Reid spent about 27 minutes Tuesday on the morning show at WIP in Philly. Here's a full report on what he said from Daily News Eagles beat writer Les Bowen. The show's main host, Angelo Cataldi, a frequent critic of Reid's, pressed the coach on the topic of Brian Dawkins' departure. Here's what Bowen wrote about that portion of the interview:

"Cataldi pushed Reid hard on the events surrounding Brian Dawkins' free agent signing with Denver," writes Bowen. "Reid recapped what we already knew, adding a little detail -- he maintained the Eagles thought they were aggressively pursuing their 35-year-old franchise icon [even though Dawkins has said he was insulted by their offer and their demeanor at the bargaining table]. Reid acknowledged the Birds didn't really think anybody else was likely to step up with the kind of deal Denver provided, which will guarantee Dawkins $14 million if he plays two seasons. Reid called the one-year, $7 million-plus Denver guarantee to a 35-year-old safety 'unheard of.'"

Reid is implying that Denver went where no other team would've gone to sign Dawkins. But at this point, there's nothing to be gained by talking about the beloved player. The team lost the P.R. battle -- and it's time to move on. When the city's most beloved athlete is involved, you don't get extra points for displaying financial restraint.