Giants assistants unplugged

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The New York Giants made their assistant coaches available to the media Tuesday. Newark Star-Ledger Giants beat writer Mike Garafolo provides a comprehensive report. Here's what running backs coach Jerald Ingram had to say when asked whether rookie running back Andre Brown reminded him of Derrick Ward:

"No, not really," he said. "I just see that Derrick has quicker feet. And it's hard to compare right now because in the NFL you don't want to compare anyone from that standpoint because everybody has their own style. Brandon [Jacobs] has his style, Ahmad [Bradshaw] has his style, Danny Ware has his style; very stylish type runner. ... Every runner has their own style. This guy is going to have his own style. Derrick has his own style. And we are looking forward to what he has to give to us. But I think he is a good size, big bruising kind of guy with good feet, good athletic ability. And time will tell to see what else. Because no matter what a running back does in the NFL, it is all based on performance."