NFC East Week 3 decisive moment

The New York Giants' first possession of the second half set the course for a meltdown. With the score tied at 10, the Titans pinned the Giants at their 1-yard line. On third-and-10 from the 1, Eli Manning dropped back to pass and found wide receiver Mario Manningham streaking down the left sideline for a 43-yard gain. It could've been one of those game-changing plays and, in fact, it was.

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw went low to take out a Titans defender. What he didn't realize was that center Adam Koets was already engaged with the player and actually had him by the face mask. Bradshaw was called for the chop block in the end zone and the result of the play was a safety for the Titans.

Tennessee returned the ensuing free kick to midfield and marched down for a touchdown to make it 19-10 in the third quarter.

On another note, Titans punter Brett Kern deserves a special mention for pinning the Giants deep on the possession. Titans safety Michael Griffin waited to down the punt near the 1-yard line. That's why I support Tom Coughlin's idea of putting more starters on special teams. Griffin made huge plays on defense and he still had the energy to play well in coverage. New York could use a little bit of that action.