Redskins will play spy games with Vick

Washington Redskins players have said this week that a defensive back will spy on Michael Vick at all times. I think safety LaRon Landry will have that assignment some of the time since he plays near the line of scrimmage in Jim Haslett's defense. But I also think cornerback DeAngelo Hall, a player who's known Vick for years, will have a close eye on the Eagles quarterback.

I've heard coaches complain that preparing for Vick can throw off your entire practice week because you spend so much time on one player. You normally allow one of the fastest players on the practice squad to play the role of Vick even if that player's not a quarterback.

The Redskins have been awful on defense the past two games, so it's not like this game is coming at a good time for them. But perhaps all the time spent worrying about Vick will give them a more focused approach. For some reason, my gut is telling me this is going to be a close game. Am I dreaming?