Tuesday Beastlines

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Someone is posing as DeMarcus Ware on Twitter. "You don't want anyone on the Internet being an impostor of you," DeMarcus Ware said. "You don't know where it can lead with all that false information."

Running back Felix Jones is ready to get back into the swing of things. "The vets look at me as a rookie still, but I still have something to prove every time I step on the field," he said. "I just can't wait to get on the field with the same intensity I had when I came in as a rookie. I have it even more now."

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett doesn't want to talk about the past. "I don't want to get too much into last year," Garrett said. "We're excited about today, talking about 2009 and the guys we're bringing in here."

Clarence E. Hill Jr. reports the team signs defensive tackle Jonas Seawright.

Running back Tashard Choice hosted a golf tournament for the Single Parent Foundation of Dallas. "I grew up in a single-parent household most of my life so I know the importance of that," Choice said.

It's a $160,000 SCORE for Jason Witten and his foundation.


Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson takes leave of absence to deal with second round of chemotherapy. "Jim and I agreed that he needs to concentrate all of his efforts on his recovery," coach Andy Reid said. "His health is number one. He's struggling, but he's a tough guy and a true battler. I hope everyone will keep him in their thoughts and prayers during this period of time. We hope to have him back with the team as soon as possible."

More on this from Bob Brookover. "I told him to take care of himself first and when he's ready to come back, come back," Reid said. "I'd like to tell you he's great, but he's not. He's struggling right now."

John Smallwood has a column on Lito Sheppard. "You would think that by now, after seven seasons in the NFL, Sheppard would understand his place in the business he chose to make his profession.

"Porterhouse, filet mignon, rib eye or New York strip -- ultimately, that's how Sheppard and every other player in the NFL is viewed by management.

"Players are products, pieces of meat, commodities to be cherished when they are at their highest value and then quickly discarded as circumstances change."

"What happened to Sheppard is simply the way business works."

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan can't wait for the season to begin. "Each year you study other teams in the league and you modify some of the things you are doing," Sheridan said. "So we will add some new installation and the players will be fired up about it because it is new. I'm just licking my chops and waiting to get going. We are going to be good."

Even though Ralph Vacciano is on vacation, he caught us up on some Blue Screen news.

David Diehl has a show at a comedy club in Manhattan. "I love going to comedy shows and watching them on TV and being a part of them (in the audience)," he said. "I'm a little nervous considering the fact that I've never done it before, but I'm looking forward to it."

Why? "I'm a professional football player," he said. "Everybody tries something different. This opportunity arose, so why not try it? When fun events arise and an opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do, I'll jump at it."

Tom Coughlin likes his new office. "I am sitting in my office and looking out over the most magnificent practice fields I think I have ever seen," coach Tom Coughlin said. "We'll be up and running at full-speed before long."

Michael Strahan stars in new Fox sitcom. "This show when you look at it, you're going to see a chemistry, a real chemistry," said Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly. "It's got heart, and, I think, real laughs and real people is something we're missing on the air right now."

Dave Fairbanks is offended by the Redskins. "Any professional-sports franchise in the 21st century that maintains a racially or ethnically insensitive identity is lazy and arrogant. There are simply too many imaginative and yes, inoffensive, options."

David Elfin catches up with Clinton Portis, who is busy judging burger.

Here's the Redskins schedule for this week.