Wednesday Beastlines: Cowboys edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
Here are some headlines to jump-start your morning -- and perhaps your life. Many of the beat writers for NFC East teams are on vacation, but the Beast never sleeps. Continue to make us at least your second or third stop for news, nuggets, analysis and tomfoolery each morning. I'm going to give the teams their own Beastlines today. And guess where we're starting?


Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis made a pretty remarkable return to the field Tuesday: "That's the way Joe coaches," said head coach Wade Phillips. "We're not going to change that. I think it's inspirational. I really do. Any time you see somebody that's doing something you don't think they can do, that's what you tell the team -- there's things that they can do that they don't think they can do."

At least one blog is putting a lot of pressure on Tony Romo's shoulders.

Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News says the Cowboys may have at least one thing right: "Last year, they entered the season with way too much arrogance for a team that hadn't achieved anything of note in the postseason in more than a decade," writes Taylor. "Too many players figured their loss to the Giants was a fluke. They figured the personnel tweaks and talent would get them to the Super Bowl. They don't have to worry about being the favorites this year. Most experts will pick them third in the East behind New York and Philadelphia. This team seems to have a collective chip on its shoulder. Trust me, that's good news. Perhaps, they're ready to prove everyone wrong."

Taylor also said we should believe in Tony Romo's talent, not his words : "There's no forensic evidence, but surely you don't think it's a coincidence that Jerry said he wants the offense to be more Romo friendly and T.O. got whacked a short time later. "In the end, his thoughts and feelings about T.O. won't matter one bit if he plays his best football in December and leads the Cowboys to their first playoff win since 1996."

Mac Engel has more on what Romo had to say…or not say: "There is always pressure, there is no more or less than any year than another year -- it's always, 'You've got to win the Super Bowl this year, you got a new season,'" Romo said. "Our approach is a little different in that we are going to be better today. All we can do is control today. That's what the Dallas Cowboys are going forward now on. We aren't going to sit here and talk about what's tomorrow and those things. All we can control is right now, and that's what this team is doing."

PGA Tour golfer Rich Beem received a lot of calls when Cowboys scouting assistant Rich Behm was paralyzed from waist down two weeks ago when the club's indoor practice facility collapsed. Beem the golfer wanted to do something for the Behm family -- and he's come up with a pretty unique plan: "I wanted to do something to help him out, and I wasn't expecting to do a whole lot," golfer Rich Beem said of helping out Rich Behm via "Beem for Behm.” "But it's been an amazing process. A lot of folks are making my job pretty easy. I just have to go make birdies now."