Wednesday Beastlines: Skins edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Last but certainly not least, let's check in with what Redskins fans should be reading this afternoon. I'm planning to drop by the Skins' OTAs in early June to visit with Jason Campbell and Big Al Haynesworth. But until then, we'll keep our ear to the ground. I've made a request to talk to Greg Blache about this (SAM linebacker) situation with Brian Orakpo. We'll let you know what happens to that request.


  • As Dan Steinberg points out, the Redskins' nickname is still a controversial topic. He does a nice job linking to several different points of view. Actually, it's mostly the same points of view. No one really wants to come out and vehemently defend the nickname -- other than to say "it's been around forever." Do I ever think it will change? No way.

  • Jason Taylor doesn't want to take any parting shots at the Redskins, but...