NFC East Week 4 decisive moment

I fully apologize to the New York Giants because I'm pretty sure one of those 10 sacks against the Chicago Bears provided a "decisive moment," but I was perched at the Linc, where Andy Reid pulled off a memorable game-managing blunder at the end of the first half.

I totally buy into the fact that an official inexplicably moved the ball from the 1-foot line to the 1-yard line just before the Eagles were going to run a quarterback sneak. But surely Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg had another play up their sleeve. After a lengthy review to see whether LeSean McCoy crossed the plane of the goal line, the Eagles called a timeout. Following the timeout, they were called for delay of game and had to settle for a short field goal.

A touchdown would've cut the deficit to 17-10 at halftime and given the Eagles some momentum. Instead, Skins players sprinted off the field and pumped their fists after David Akers' field goal. It was an embarrassing play for Reid.

Donovan McNabb's 18-yard scramble in the fourth quarter was also nominated, but he lost points by running out of bounds instead of milking the clock. It seemed appropriate that McNabb and Reid would have clock-management issues during their tearful reunion.

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