Strong interview with Skins safeties coach

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Redskins secondary coach Jerry Gray a little bit, but I've never spoken with safeties coach Steve Jackson. Based on this interview on Matt Terl's excellent Redskins Blog, I should change that soon.

Here's what Jackson said when asked why LaRon Landry doesn't play strong safety:

"That's a good question, and I hear it all the time, too. With the style of defense that we play, the strong safety is more a box type player. He's gonna cover tight ends, and he has to be able to attack fullbacks and take the physical rigors of being down there. He's like a small linebacker.

"LaRon's biggest assets are his speed and his range. With the way we play our free safety, he has to be a guy that can run from sideline to sideline to protect the corners. If anybody breaks free, the free safety has to be the one to run that guy down. And that's what he does better than anybody we have on this team.

"As far as taking on fullbacks and just being the guy to get in there and get dirty and grimy and do all the dirty work, that's not LaRon. It's a waste of his particular talents to put him down in there. Nothing against the position, but he's better for our defense with his physical skills back there being the traffic cop and being the savior, the angel for anyone who gets into trouble."