Ed Werder likes the Cowboys' chances

ESPN's Ed Werder is currently hosting a chat at ESPNDallas.com. He's been in Kansas City preparing a feature on Todd Haley and the Chiefs, but he's still plugged into Valley Ranch. Here's an entertaining portion of the chat transcript:

Dave from Tampa: I see this Titans game as being very competitive. I think TN will be more physical than the Cowboys are expecting. IF Vince Young has some success in the first quarter with a little running and completing a few passes, it will do wonders for his confidence. I think final score will be about 20-17 or so. What do you think?

The highly compensated Ed Werder at 10:18 Dallas time: I think the Cowboys are a strong defensive team that should be capable of holding down the score against a one-dimensional opponent like the Titans. Now, with Chris Johnson and the unique running ability of Vince Young, the Titans are the kind of team that can beat you even if you win on all but two or three plays defensively. The Cowboys have had two weeks to prepare for this game and they're playing at home. They should win. It will be a physical game -- Cortland Finnegan has been fined three straight weeks -- and the Cowboys will need to remain disciplined and let the Titans -- the league's most penalized team -- self-destruct rather than have their players baited into mindless personal-foul penalties. The Bears' defensive players said the Cowboys were easily intimidated. This will be a chance to disprove that accusation.

Ed also told readers how much he loved his trip to London 20 years ago. For more on that and other Werder witticisms, please refer to the full chat transcript on ESPNDallas.com.