Cowboys-Titans: Upon further review

Former Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles pro scout Bryan Broaddus does an excellent "Scout's Eye" column every Tuesday morning for ESPNDallas.com. This week, he's looking at how poorly the Cowboys' offensive line played against the Titans. Here's an excerpt:

When [the Cowboys] play a defense that likes to twist, stunt and show movement, that presents the most problems. The Titans were undersized but just coming at the Cowboys throughout the game. Leonard Davis really struggled in this contest, but so did Marc Colombo and Doug Free.

The one that surprised me the most was Free. Through the first three games of the 2010 season, Free had been stable in his pass protection and in his run blocking. I really believed that Free would be able to hold up against the outside rushers of the Titans. Free was beaten around the corner one time, then beaten inside another. On Tony Romo’s interception that was tipped by end Dave Ball, Free was responsible for getting Ball on the ground, but he was unable to do it. On the play, Ball slow-played Free by not rushing quickly and hanging back, Free threw his cut block too early and Ball was able to stay on his feet and get his hands on the ball. When the pass got tipped, it allowed the corner to drive on the ball for the interception.

On the right side, Colombo struggled with Jason Babin. The biggest problem that Colombo has is when he gets overextended and ends up playing over the tops of his feet. Babin was able to take Colombo hard upfield to the outside for a sack. Colombo was unable to adjust to the speed and quickness of Babin. On his second sack, Babin took Colombo upfield again, then spun inside. Colombo was unable to adjust. Babin on the spin was on the same level as Romo and was able to bring him to the ground.