Pat Williams calls out Keith Brooking

Don't you love it when a couple of 1-3 teams engage in a little trash talk. Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams was asked Thursday about Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking's claim from last January that Minnesota ran up the score in the fourth quarter of a divisional playoff game at the Metrodome. Brooking said at the time that it was a classless move following the Cowboys' 34-3 loss, but he's since backed off those comments.

Well, Judd Zugland of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune asked Williams if he remembered Brooking's reaction, and miracle of miracles, he does.

"We don't care what Brooking says ... If he wants to cry like a little baby, he'll cry like a little baby," Williams said to Zulgad.

I'll try to track down Brooking via text and see if he has a response, but I imagine he'll leave this one alone. Surely these teams don't need extra motivation to get motivated for what basically amounts to an elimination game for the playoffs. I don't have the number in front of me, but my gut tells me 1-4 teams don't normally make the playoffs.

Go about your day in peace.