Eagles, Giants rising in Power Rankings

The Week 7 Power Rankings were released at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, causing coaches, players and fans to stand at attention as the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants made their move. Now let's take our weekly look at where each of the four NFC East teams stand. NFC West blogger Mike Sando tapped into his vast database to pull back the curtain on our panel's voting process:

10. Philadelphia Eagles: The panel was quite impressed with Kevin Kolb's virtuoso performance against the Atlanta Falcons. The only non-believer was AFC North stalwart James Walker, who had a "12" on his ballot. John Clayton of ESPN.com gave the Eagles their highest ranking at No. 7.

11. New York Giants: AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky, master of the ESPN.com flipcam, is taking a wait-and-see approach by recording a "14" on his ballot. Clayton's No. 8 ranking neutralized Kuharsky. Sando continues to be very standoffish toward the NFC East with a "12" vote.

14. Washington Redskins: A home loss to the Colts only caused the Skins to fall three spots. Three of the voters had the Skins at "13," but Walker torpedoed their hopes with his stunning "No. 16" vote. Dan Snyder is rumored to be furious about Walker's vote.

26. Dallas Cowboys: Walker did his best to save the Cowboys from further indignity with a charitable "21," but the other panelists cackled out loud and helped bury Jerry Jones' team.

The Beast fell to fourth in the overall divisional rankings. The AFC South, AFC East and AFC North are all in front of the NFC East. The NFC's so bad that the Cardinals climbed six spots based on the fact they had a bye. It's considered one of the best bye weeks in league history. Thanks for your time this afternoon.