Coughlin tries to teach proper tackling

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin is well aware of the league's efforts to reduce head-to-head collisions and it doesn't sound like he'd be opposed to suspensions for illegal hits. Coughlin said Monday that he's benched players before for putting their heads down instead of using proper form on special teams.

"We may back them off for a week -– maybe they’re the second guy now –- but you do have to continue to coach and to tell them that a lot of these things happen when a guy gets hit on the side of the helmet or he ducks his head down rather than keeping his head where it should be,” Coughlin told reporters.

He agrees that fining players for illegal hits isn't really driving home the point.

"I know that one of the recommendations or the strongest one has been that since the money does not seem to be a deterrent, then it has to be more than that,” said Coughlin on Monday. “Always, it is quite frustrating, to be honest with you, if a player is forced to leave a game because of an illegal hit and the other player continues… that doesn’t really seem right. I’m sure there will be stronger measures taken."

It's too bad that it takes players getting carted off the field to force the league's hand. There are vicious hits on a weekly basis, and I don't think $10,000 fines get most players' attention. Someone will be made an example pretty soon. I'm wondering if James Harrison and Dunta Robinson will pay the price. After watching collisions involving both those players, I think Harrison's hits on the Browns were more egregious than what Robinson did to Jackson. What do you guys think?