Nice summer afternoon read

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

On the night Jerry Jones hosted the first major event at his palatial Cowboys Stadium, he shows up with none other than Jimmy Johnson. Time has healed a lot of wounds, and the two men seem to be as chummy as ever. But for the people who've emailed to ask about the chances of Johnson coming back for one last hurrah, STOP! It's not going to happen.

Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard had a chance to catch up with Johnson at his beachfront home in the Florida Keys. It's a fun read. And it helps you understand why no one's been able to lure Johnson out of retirement.

"We all get so infected with praise, attention, accolades,'' says Johnson. "It is a highly egotistical position. It isn't easy to deal with people no longer telling you how great you are. You get used to people bowing. It is hard to walk away from people bowing. People are afraid to leave the limelight, the money, the ego stroke. People are afraid of change.''

Also some great stuff on three of his pals, Andy Reid, Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells.