Could Pacman help a team?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he hadn't closed the door on Pacman Jones returning to the team. But in the light of day Monday, Jones was singing a different tune.

In between the reports, I reached out to Scouts Inc. stalwart Matt Williamson to see how well Jones actually played last season. In his original comments to the Star-Telegram, Jones told Clarence E. Hill that Pacman graded higher than any of the team's other cornerbacks in '08. That's why I turned to Williamson. And just because Jerry's now saying he's not interested in Pacman doesn't mean he won't change his mind.

Here's Williamson's take on Pacman's '08 season: "I really like the kid on the field," Williamson said. "I think he can be among the top 5-10 corners in the league when he's focused, fresh and motivated. He's extremely competitive. He'll mix it up. He hadn't played in a year so it's not reasonable to expect him to be the same guy he was in Tennessee immediately. He was a borderline elite cornerback in his last season with the Titans."

I also asked Williamson to name a place where he thinks Pacman would be successful.

"I think New England would be a good fit. They're so firm there, and people come there and rejuvenate their careers. Dallas doesn't have that core of players in place to be a good fit for him."

OK, that's enough Pacman Jones talk for one day. Williamson also thinks the Cowboys made a curious decision trading Anthony Henry. He thinks they'll miss him next season.