Tuesday Beastlines

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley


Todd Archer reports that Pacman Jones will not be back. "I think he was a productive player when he was on the field, and the gradings showed that," agent Worrick Robinson said. "But when he was released, it was certainly disappointing, but he knows it's a business."

More on this from Clarence E. Hill Jr. "I have not heard from the Cowboys," Robinson said. "When he was released we were hoping for an opportunity to return. We are still hoping that opportunity exists."


The Eagles owe the City of Philadelphia $8 million. "I'm so pleased that today's favorable court ruling has resolved a key part of this long-standing lawsuit between the city and the Eagles, and I appreciate the hard work on all sides," Mayor Nutter said in a news release. "I am also hopeful that the judge will rule shortly in the last final phase of the case so that this entire matter can reach a final conclusion."

More on this from Chris Brennan.

Asante Samuel is absent from OTAs, but his agent said there's no need to worry about this.

Receiver Kevin Curtis is taking his time to recover after sports hernia surgery. 'Doesn't matter who we drafted, I have to do my rehab schedule,'' Curtis said. ''There's always going to be competition. The big thing for me is just getting healthy.''

Ashley Fox has a good story on athletes Twittering. "Obviously our approach under Andy [Reid] is that we're an in-house team," said backup quarterback A.J. Feeley. "The issues, we keep in house. That's our philosophy. So without even saying anything about not doing something, Andy treats us like adults. We all know where our boundaries are, what's expected on the team. You know that. So, if you're doing something like [Twitter], you're keeping in mind the principles and philosophies of the organization."


Tom Coughlin will visit troops in Iraq. "This is something I've wanted to do for years," Coughlin said, "and I can't tell you how excited I am, and all the coaches are, to be making this trip. It's a great chance for us to recognize the real heroes of this country. Our troops need to know how much we appreciate what they're doing, and I mean every one of us in the NFL and every one of us in the country."

More on this from Ralph Vacchiano. "I have always had great respect for those who served," Coughlin said. "In my time, we had the draft. Today, these people who are in Iraq and Afghanistan are volunteers. To spend time with them is to be able to sense the intelligence and the passion of these people and to stand in admiration and awe of this combination."

And from Paul Schwartz. Coughlin also said: "Because, in the business I am in, you try to figure out what makes people tick and what makes someone an extremely successful individual in their chosen line of work or as an athlete. It is the combination of not only ability, but intelligence and determination and dedication and the heart."

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is doing his part to raise awareness for polycystic kidney disease. "If I have an opportunity to do something like this, and it doesn't interfere with my job, I'll do it," Gilbride said. "All you have to do is see one person suffer through the degenerative effects of the disease and you can't help, if you're a human being, but to be affected by it. I saw this disease ravage my dad's body and I saw the affect it had on my family afterwards -- my mom had to raise seven kids by herself. It's a horrible disease."


Keith Eloi can thank YouTube for some of his accolades. "I was definitely not trying to look like a fool," the Redskins wide receiver said yesterday afternoon, with a mournful shake of his head. "Instead of, 'Oh, wow, that's the guy who jumped in the truck' it would be 'Oh... he beat up his face right before his pro day.' "

Albert Haynesworth's new court date is July 21.

Ryan O'Halloran has the story on the increasing intensity in Washington's training. "We've given them more experiences," coach Jim Zorn said. "Training camp is much like this with everybody -- you put in everything you can possibly tap into during the season, and you give them a few experiences with each. Some of it is your core stuff, and you work on that every time."

After a bad injury at last season's camp, Alex Buzbee hopes to be on the road to recovered success. "That first minicamp it was definitely [tentative], but as the practices kept going on and on it felt more and more comfortable [and] it felt like it was getting stretched out," Buzbee said. "I didn't feel like I was coming off the ball quite as good as I was last year, but even this OTA compared to the last three weeks, the OTA we had three weeks ago, it feels stronger and more explosive. So I think by training camp in July I should be back to where I was."