NFC East Week 7 decisive moment

The Philadelphia Eagles were poised to take a commanding 23-7 lead on the Tennessee Titans in the third quarter Sunday. They were well on their way to a 5-2 record heading into the bye and coach Andy Reid would've had an incredibly tough decision to make at quarterback.

Enter this week's decisive moment. Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones came crashing through the line to blow up Kevin Kolb's handoff to LeSean McCoy, and Tennessee recovered the fumble at its 3-yard line. Center Mike McGlynn would later admit that he was supposed to block Jones on the fateful play.

The Titans scored on that drive to make it 16-10, and then added 27 points in the fourth quarter for good measure. If the Eagles don't make the playoffs, we'll be able to point to that play against the Titans as a tipping point. There's no way in the world you can let something like that happen when you're inside the 5-yard line. But you have to hand it to the Titans because they have a knack for creating turnovers in the red zone.

Tennessee has petitioned the league to join the NFC East after beating the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles. Philadelphia appeared to be the better team for nearly three quarters, but one play changed the game. Now we'll see if that becomes a defining moment for the Eagles' season.