NFC East Week 8 decisive moment

We've devoted at least 3,000 words to Mike Shanahan's benching of quarterback Donovan McNabb for "cardiovascular endurance" reasons, so let's look at another defining moment in the Redskins' 37-25 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday. With 8:50 left in the third quarter, the Skins stopped Lions running back Jahvid Best for no gain on third-and-1 from their 7-yard line.

The Lions set up for a short field goal attempt that would have cut the Skins' lead to 13-10. Instead, Phillip Daniels was called for jumping offside against the field goal unit. Daniels wasn't the only Redskins player who jumped early, as documented in the Washington Post. I've watched the replay several times and you can see Lions deep snapper Don Muhlbach flinch his left hip, which appeared to draw the Skins offside. But the officials didn't detect Muhlbach's flinch and penalized the Redskins. The Lions scored a touchdown two plays later and took a 14-13 lead.

It was a defining moment in Sunday's game that was overshadowed by what happened late in the fourth quarter. In case you missed it, Daniels addressed this call via Twitter following Sunday's loss. If the Skins had held the Lions to a field goal, it would've been a confidence booster for the team. Alas, the Muhlbach flinch will get you every time.