Pros and cons of firing Wade Phillips

It's hard to make any argument in support of retaining Wade Phillips as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, but ESPNDallas.com's Calvin Watkins gave it a try Monday. Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com took the easier path in stating the case for Phillips to be axed immediately.

Here's a portion of MacMahon's "Wade must go" column:

"Game-planning is no longer a priority for the Cowboys, making Phillips' X's and O's expertise pretty much meaningless," writes MacMahon. "The focus is on the things they failed to establish during a five-week marketing tour that masqueraded as a training camp. Perhaps they could hire some local Pee Wee coaches as consultants to help Phillips teach a bunch of millionaires how to tackle, block, catch and throw. Unlike Dan Reeves, the Pee Wee coaches would probably agree to punch a time clock for Jerry."

And here's a portion of Watkins' column saying that Phillips should remain head coach:

"[Jerry] Jones doesn't have any options on the staff that make him feel confident that a coaching change is the right move," writes Watkins. "With a possible work stoppage in 2011 meaning a coach might not have a chance to implement a new system because the players are sitting at home, what's the point of making a change?"

I don't think it really matters that you don't have a viable candiate to replace Phillips as an interim coach. You should do it anyway because these players need to be taught that there are consequences when you quit on your head coach. Jones absolutely hates admitting mistakes, but he has to know a change is absolutely necessary. All it takes is one look at all those empty seats for him to realize the impact this is having on his fanbase.

And unfortunately for Jones, the Texas Rangers just bowed out of the World Series. All eyes are on him.