Don't take Jerry Jones at face value

So Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the club's flagship radio station Friday that Wade Phillips would coach his team for the remainder of the 2010 season. Jones, not a man given to brevity, simply said "yes' in response to being asked whether Phillips would remain head coach for the next nine games.

Sorry, but I'm not going to put my list of interim candidates away just yet. Since when did Jones start issuing one-word answers to questions regarding his coaches? The man could ramble on for hours about this topic and lead us in many different directions. One could make the argument that he gave us a definitive answer Friday, but I've been around him too long to buy into that line of thinking.

If the Cowboys get embarrassed on national TV on Sunday night by the Packers, I still think there's a decent chance Jones fires Phillips and replaces him with an interim coach. Jones owes it to his vast fan base to make a change, if only to signal that he recognizes how much of an utter failure this team has become. When I looked out at the empty seats in Cowboys Stadium against the Jaguars, I knew Jones had to make a move.

And I'm not even saying this is all Phillips' fault. These players have quit on him and they've quit on themselves. But you can't fire a whole roster, so the head coach will have to do for now. It's funny to see a headline saying "Jerry Jones endorses Wade Phillips" because I don't think that's what he was doing at all.

Jones is simply trying to buy a little more time before making a decision that should've been made a couple of weeks ago. I think his one-word answer said it all. Jones realizes that sticking up for Phillips is no longer a defensible position. So the most longest-winded man in the NFL is suddenly biting his tongue.