Jerry Jones talks about a 'culture change'

Sounding as if he hadn't slept since Sunday night's 45-7 loss in Green Bay, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talked of a "culture change" at Valley Ranch in addressing his decisionto fire coach Wade Phillips and replace him with Jason Garrett on an interim basis. Jones sounded incredibly measured -- almost robotic -- in explaining his decision.

He admitted to being in "denial" about this decision and said he'd still believed Phillips could save his job as late as Saturday night. Jones said he wouldn't apologize for changing his mind after saying Friday that Phillips would coach the rest of the season. He talked about his friendship with Phillips, but he said the failure of his defense eventually led to his demise.

"One of the things I always felt [with Phillips], is that his head-coaching would have a great benefit from how well his defense was going," said Jones.

You could tell how difficult this decision was for Jones as he struggled to find the words. I think he's still in a state of disbelief over how his team played against the Packers. But at one point during his rambling news conference, he said his player gave "great effort" in the loss. Maybe he simply lost his train of thought.

Jones said that Garrett would have a legitimate shot to become the permanent head coach if the Cowboys had "tangible success," but right now he's focused on the next eight games. Garrett will address the media at 7:30 p.m. ET from Valley Ranch.

"He does have the opportunity to get the job long-term," said Jones.

He said that his firing of his pal Phillips was a "vivid example of accountability" within the organization. A lot of Cowboys fans would've enjoyed seeing that example a few weeks ago. We'll have more throughout the evening.