Skins' WR is king of D.C. Twitter

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

For completely selfish reasons, I was happy to see the Redskins sign practice squad journeyman/wide receiver Trent Shelton this offseason. I watched him for four years at my alma mater, Baylor, and he played a prominent role in our 35-34 overtime win over Texas A&M in 2004. Of course, that was when the Aggies were still a competitive team in the Big 12.

Anyway, Shelton has apparently taken the D.C.-area by storm based on his Twitter numbers. The good people at Mister Irrelevant blog compiled a list of athletes in the area who had the most followers on Twitter. And lo and behold, former Colts and Seahawks practice squadder Shelton was No. 2 on the list behind the great Alex Ovechkin.

Here's where other Skins showed up on the list:

3. Chris Cooley

6. Chase Daniel

13. Devin Thomas

14. DeAngelo Hall

23. Rocky McIntosh

53. Robert Henson

And congratulations to Washington Post blogger Dan Steinberg, who showed up at No. 10. Here's Dan's full report on Shelton on his DC Sports Bog. Shelton, whose father used to lead cheers at Baylor's famed Floyd Casey Stadium, had this to say about his hometown team (Fort Worth), the Dallas Cowboys.

"I hated the Cowboys, actually," he said. "I was a 49ers fan. I was a big T.O. fan, so whatever team T.O. went, that's who I cheered for. So when he went to the Cowboys, I hated it, but still cheered for him a little bit. But now I'm a Redskin, so I definitely hate the Cowboys."

If you want to check out Shelton's Twitter feed, click this link.