More on Ellis' conversation with Michael Irvin

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Former Cowboys outside linebacker Greg Ellis interrupted NFL silly season with some interesting quotes on Dallas/Fort Worth's ESPN 103.3 "Michael Irvin Show" on Wednesday. A longtime reader named Jimmy Shapiro from sportsradiointerviews.com took the time to transcribe a lot of the interview, so here it is:

Why he didn't win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys:

"I think the way the NFL is moved to, with the free agent stuff, and everybody appreciates free agency. It enables us to make more and do better, have a chance to go to different teams if you want to. Sometimes if affects off of the business side where owners have to make decisions based on financial reasons and unfortunately when you do that, you don't have the 4 of 5 years to put together the team chemistry that you used to have.”

Which team he thought had the best chance to win the Super Bowl:

"Last year, it wasn't a secret. The hype was there, everybody anticipated. Every show you turned on, if the Dallas Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl this year, they ain't never going to win a Super Bowl. I see why they said that but unfortunately that interfered with us going out there and taking care of business. I think talent wise still, when you look at that team last year on paper, it was there. It was bar none compared to the talent, compared to the other 31 teams in the NFL. But I think sometimes we show up and anticipate hey, we got this game. We're the Dallas Cowboys. But it's human nature a lot of times when you are that underdog and fighting for it, the ball hits the ground, that underdog team, they often come up with the football. Sometimes that team that's supposed to win kind of feels like, "Oh well, that's okay, we'll catch it on the next one.”

On spending so much time on the bench last year:

"It's a disgrace but DeMarcus Ware comes off the field just so I can get in the game and the coaches tell him to come on the field. He tries to hide so I can play. You tell me we're trying to win a Super Bowl? Guys don't buy into that and I can't be a leader if you play me that way. Guys are not going to receive what I'm saying when I'm stuck on the bench and I understand that from guys.”

Demarcus Ware did this on his own?

"On his own, he would say, "G, come on,” and I would tell him, "No, Marcus. Go ahead man, you're coming up on your contract, don't mess this up. You go ahead and be you and we're just going to do what the coaches they want to do, that's what we're going to do.”

On playing with T.O.:

"I love T.O. as a teammate and I really did and I don't understand why the decision was made to let him go and I don't have to understand it. But I will tell you this, I would play with the man, I would love to play with this man. I know what he's going to give you on game day and that's the kind of guy you want to play with."