What's in Mosley's Mailbag?

We do it every Saturday during football season. The Beast blog makes itself vulnerable to you, the valued reader. Nothing's off limits in this session. The only rule is that I answer at least one question on all four teams in our sacred division. And please understand that I'm planning to paraphrase (shorten) your questions, since some of you guys are really long-winded. Now, let's empty the 'Bag:

Cameron from Lebanon, Penn., had so much to say about Michael Vick and the Eagles' offensive line, but I had to cut him at some point: I have especially enjoyed your coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles this year. You mentioned in your "Final Word" column that [Redskins outside linebacker] Lorenzo Alexander told you he will rush the quarterback "with vision." Pass-rushers are not as aggressive against Vick because they can't be. Is this a big part of the decision-making process for Andy Reid this offseason in the debate between Kevin Kolb and Vick?

Mosley: Cameron, I think Vick's ability to cover up for the offensive line's mistakes is just one of several factors that will be considered. It's not like Kolb's a sitting duck back there. He actually moves around pretty well in the pocket. Vick's four years older than Kolb and he exposes himself to more punishment because of his penchant for scrambling. But I don't think Vick will receive a contract extension solely based on his ability to cover for a pedestrian offensive line. No matter who's under center, the Eagles need to upgrade their offensive line. As my colleague Sal Paolantonio pointed out on the NFC East blog Wednesday, there's no sense of urgency to get an extension with Vick right now. The Eagles will likely let things play out this season and then make a decision.

Now for something completely different. Bill in Plano, Texas, has an interesting candidate for the Dallas Cowboys' head-coaching position: Do you think Jerry Jones would have the guts to go after a guy like [Eagles offensive coordinator] Marty Mornhinweg? He clearly seems to be one of the best builders of quarterbacks in the league and something Tony Romo could definitely use. It's Jones' style to go for the big name, but it's also not the big-name coaches' style to want to give up all the control.

Mosley: I'm not sure Mornhinweg would qualify as one of the best "builders of quarterbacks" in the league. I respect the work he's done for Andy Reid since '03, but his 5-27 record with the Detroit Lions in 2001-02 won't exactly inspire the Cowboys' fan base. When you have folks putting up huge money for PSLs at a new stadium, a name like Mornhinweg's doesn't really do the trick. I think Mornhinweg's very comfortable working with Reid, so I don't think there's a head-coaching role in his future. I do think he deserves a ton of credit for the way Michael Vick's playing right now.

MJ Gill from Long Island has an issue with my pick for Redskins midseason MVP: DeAngelo Hall's been abused by opposing wide receivers Mark Clayton, Miles Austin, Roy Williams ... His first pick came vs Philly when it clanked off Jason Avant's hands and landed in DeAngelo Hall's lap. Hall should be ridiculed for his coverage on that play. Hands down, the MVP is LaRon Landry.

Mosley: I don't typically "ridicule" players when they make interceptions. And it's not like Hall's been a one-hit wonder this season. He leads the league with six interceptions. The Redskins' remarkable increase in takeaways (19) has allowed them to stay in games. Hall almost won that game in Chicago by himself. I think Landry is having a Pro Bowl type season and he would've been a worthy choice, but I'm not going to rescind my vote for Hall. I think he's been a huge difference-maker for the Skins' defense.

Cameron from Maryland thinks I've overrated the Giants: I know that you favor the Giants as the "best team in the NFC," but I consider this ludicrous. In the last 10 years only one team has won the Super Bowl after being blown out twice in the regular season, the '07 Giants. Until the Giants play someone with a winning record and at least keep it close, it is a slap in the face to claim they are the best. The Giants have not proven a thing, and to claim they are the "best" is the same thing that was done last year after they raced to a 5-0 start.

Mosley: You sort of won the argument for me with your research, Cameron. But regarding your point about last year's 5-0 start, this thing feels completely different. The '09 team had lost starting safety Kenny Phillips after Week 2 and would eventually lose its starting middle linebacker. The Giants also had a hobbled Ahmad Bradshaw for much of last season. Now he's among the best backs in the league. And show me another NFC team that's played some type of powerhouse schedule. The Falcons won at New Orleans and at home against the Ravens. But they were manhandled by an Eagles team that didn't have starter Michael Vick in the lineup, and they barely held on to beat the Bengals. I also don't think it's fair to say the Giants were "blown out" by the Titans in a 29-10 loss. The Giants outgained the Titans in that game by 200 total yards. Green Bay is 6-3, but it has losses to the Dolphins, Redskins and Bears.

After a rough start, the Giants have won five consecutive games and they're blowing bad teams out. Some of my opinions may indeed be "ludicrous," but saying the Giants are the best team in the NFC doesn't belong in that category. I'll stick to my guns -- unless they lose at home to the Cowboys. Then all bets are off.