Here comes the Redskins' apology

The Washington Redskins know that coach Mike Shanahan butchered the Donovan McNabb benching. Shanahan himself told ESPN's "Monday Night Football" crew that his handling of the situation was "clumsy."

So here comes the apology. McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, will fly to Washington on Monday to resume talks on a contract extension for the quarterback, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. This will be the fourth face-to-face meeting, but keep in mind those first three occurred before McNabb was benched and then further embarrassed by Mike and Kyle Shanahan's confusing explanations.

McNabb hasn't said much of anything in the aftermath of the benching, and that's smart. He's been accurately portrayed as the victim in this ongoing saga, so the Redskins owe him a huge apology. That apology could come in the form of a long-term extension, and more importantly, a large chunk of guaranteed money.

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen has to know how foolish Shanahan's decision made the organization look. After crowing for months about how they landed a franchise quarterback for a second-round draft pick, the Redskins embarrassed McNabb in front of the nation. The easiest way to make this go away is to demonstrate true commitment to the quarterback.

Maybe that will inspire McNabb to work on his "cardiovascular endurance." I'll be in Washington on Monday for the game against the Eagles and will keep you posted if there are further developments. It's hard to believe now, but the benching two weeks ago probably gave McNabb more leverage than he could've imagined after such a poor start to the season.