Beast comes out swinging in power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Since it's been two months since our last power rankings release party, ESPN.com decided to release a fresh edition today. You may notice that the Beast no longer has a seat at the voting table, which will allow me to be even more critical of the remaining panelists -- Mike Sando, Paul Kuharsky, John Clayton and Jeff Chadiha. First off, here's how NFC East teams finished in the rankings:

3. Giants: This is where the Giants were back in May, and it's probably about right. I would've ranked them second, though.

4. Eagles: Same place they were in May. We'll keep a close eye on this Brian Westbrook injury situation. I wouldn't expect to see much (if any) of him in the preseason.

14. Cowboys: The Cowboys actually fell a spot since May. Perhaps one of the voters didn't like what he saw in organied training activities or is worried about The Breakup.

20. Redskins: Washington also fell a spot from its No. 19 ranking in May. I think that's a little low, but you'd have a hard time moving them into the top 15. I'm anxious to see if Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly shows some big-time improvement in training camp.

Chadiha and Clayton gave the Giants their lowest rankings at No. 4. Sando hurt the Eagles by ranking them sixth. He's easy to find on Facebook, Eagles fans. He absolutely loves the interaction.

Kuharsky, who has put the AFC South blog on the map, gave the Cowboys their lowest ranking at No. 15. Clayton had them at their original No. 14. Sando continued his assault on Beast teams by ranking the Skins No. 22. I have two calls into him for an explanation, but he's ducking me right now. I think the Vikings are the most overrated team in the rankings at this point. They checked in at No. 9. Kuharsky and Sando had them about right at No. 12, but Chadiha's fallen in love with them for some reason. The Vikings went from No. 14 to No. 9 in two months. Maybe Clayton and Chadiha were voting under the belief that Brett Favre would decide to play.

Much more to come.

Thanks for your continued interest in the NFC East blog.