So it was Joey Galloway's fault?

The Shanahan family -- Mike and Kyle -- teamed up this week to let reporters know that an interception thrown by Donovan McNabb in the first half of Monday's 59-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was actually Joey Galloway's fault. Mike was a bit more diplomatic than his son on the issue Monday, saying the coaching staff "liked the throw. He [McNabb] threw it. Had the right timing, had the right footwork. I liked the throw."

It's obvious that Shanahan was blaming Galloway, but he didn't use his name. Kyle then connected the dots Thursday and called out Galloway:

"I thought Joey could have done a better job on it," said Kyle Shanahan, who benched the veteran in the second half. "It was a tough look for Joey, but any time it's a pick, and the quarterback's throwing it on time, you could have done better."

Or maybe the Shanahans should have anticipated this might happen when they started a player who will turn 39 on Saturday. It's sort of silly to make someone a scapegoat following a 31-point loss. If Galloway had somehow run the route perfectly and prevented that interception, would the Skins have had a shot at staying within three touchdowns of the Eagles?

This reeks of a coaching staff that will spend the rest of the season trying to justify a long-term commitment to McNabb. It was obvious before the season that Galloway wasn't going to contribute to this team -- especially as a starter. There was a time when McNabb was talented enough to win while surrounded with inferior talented. We're about four years removed from that time. And placing blame on aging players such as Galloway isn't going to make this fan base feel any better.

Anyone disagree? Agree?