Justin Tuck compares Eagles to '07 Pats?

As most of you know, New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck is a daily reader of the Beast blog and he often appears on Beast Radio, which is more commonly referred to as "Galloway & Company" on ESPN 103.3 in Dallas. But on Thursday afternoon, Tuck made some intriguing comments to SI.com's budding NFL columnist Peter King.

Tuck basically said the Giants wouldn't use the foolish game plan that Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett rolled out against the Michael Vick Experience on Monday:

"Our plan is to pressure him," said Tuck. "You sit back, basically like Washington did, and he'll kill you. You pressure him and try to move him with different looks, he might kill you. Pick your poison. But I think if you don't hurry him up, there is no question about it -- he will kill you. He throws the deep ball as accurately as anyone I've ever seen ... Look at the deep ball he threw on the first drive to DeSean Jackson."

That ball flew 63 yards in the air before finding Jackson in stride for an 88-yard touchdown. Tuck also talked about the sense of invincibility the Eagles appear to have when Vick's on the field, saying if he keeps it up, the Eagles "may not lose the rest of the year."

But I think Tuck revealed the Giants' mindset this week when he compared the 2010 Eagles to the '07 New England Patriots:

"It's kind of like that Super Bowl for us,'' Tuck said. "Think about it -- all week before that game, all we heard was [Tom] Brady and [Randy] Moss, Brady and Moss. We had no shot. It's like that this time, with Vick. Last time, we listened to it all week, then went out and beat them. That's a good way to motivate a team."

I can't wait for kickoff Sunday night. And the NFC East blog will be at the Linc to bring you all the action.