Anatomy of an Eagles win

PHILADELPHIA -- Here are some quick observations from the Eagles' 27-17 win over the New York Giants:

  • LeSean "Shady" McCoy pulled a Brian Westbrook on the Giants last night. He puts so much pressure on a defense with his vision and speed. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told me after the game that McCoy sometimes tries to look for the "home run" a little too often. But McCoy set up his blocks beautifully on his 50-yard touchdown. That play is called "39 Crunch" and offensive line coach Juan Castillo should get the credit for designing the play. Left tackle Jason Peters and left guard Todd Herremans delivered devastating blocks and McCoy did the rest.

  • McCoy told me after the game that Michael Vick "raised his tone" at several points during the game in an effort to get his teammates' attention. Eagles wide receivers dropped three touchdowns, although DeSean Jackson would've needed to make a scoop. Jason Avant had the worst drop when he tried to cradle the ball in the back of the end zone. He almost always catches the ball with his hands, so everyone on the sideline was shocked to see the ball fall to the ground. "I heard it hit my pads, and I knew it was bad," Avant told me.

  • No one knows why Eli Manning didn't slide late in the fourth quarter, including him. "No reason, I have to slide," he said. Sometimes you're just going with the momentum and you're trying to get as much yardage as you can and you're just kind of running and it comes to the point where you don't want to slow down, or maybe it's too late, and you just go down the fastest way you know how to. I just got to not worry about the yardage, we already have the first down and I need to go feet first and move the chains." The Manning brothers both made crucial mistakes in the fourth quarter of their respective games.

  • Ahmad Bradshaw's one of the best young running backs in the league, but he has to learn how to secure the football or he will continue to hurt his team. It's almost like he's too elusive for his own good. When he's in space, he makes moves with his entire body. As you saw Sunday night, the ball can pop out even when he doesn't get hit.

  • How much longer can Tom Coughlin stick with this rookie punter? I know he hit some boomers, but those 25-yarders can kill you in a game. He's good for at least one shank per game. I'd try someone else out. But then, I've been saying that for weeks.

  • I thought the second holding penalty on Giants left tackle Shawn Andrews was bush league.