At least one Beast team likes full contact

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

After listening to Wade Phillips deliver a lecture on why tackling was foolish for most teams during training camp, I was starting to come around. But then I read that teams such as the Broncos and Eagles aren't shying away from contact at all.

Here's a really good summary of Friday's Eagles practice from Inquirer beat man Bob Brookover. At some point, Andy Reid shouted "Live!" and the Eagles started banging heads. Yes, there's more risk for injury when you go "live" during practice, but there's also a chance that you're team is tougher heading into the season. Phillips acted as if his team didn't have any trouble being physical. But several members of the Cowboys were on the field when the Ravens finished them off with a couple of 80-yard runs last season.

In other news, it looks like running back LeSean McCoy is off to a pretty solid start. Andy Reid was pretty complimentary of his work after Friday's practice.

"I thought he did good," Reid said of McCoy. "He had one play where he lined up on the ball, and he was supposed to be off the ball, but . . . that's a minor thing. If I can only pick that one thing out, that's pretty good. That live period was more of a run period with a play-action pass thrown in every third or fourth play, so it gave him an opportunity to carry the ball a little bit, and I thought he did a good job."

It sounds like McCoy is trying a little too hard to be perfect early in camp. Brian Westbrook, who won't return to action for a couple weeks, told McCoy that "it's just football."

I think it's great for McCoy that Westbrook's not simply hanging out with the training staff right now. He's been on the field giving advice, and that should really pay off for McCoy. Judging by Bob's report, sounds like Lorenzo Booker's not making a lot of progress. At least two dropped passes in Friday's session.