DeSean Jackson does drama

CHICAGO -- DeSean Jackson is one of the most electrifying players in the NFL. But he's also capable of brooding with the best of the diva wide receivers across the league. Last night, I told you about coach Andy Reid calling out Jackson in front of his teammates following a 31-26 loss to the Chicago Bears.



By the time reporters entered the postgame locker room, Jackson was sitting in front of his locker with his face buried in his hands. I'd been told by a source that Reid was frustrated with Jackson because he was "being a baby" both leading up to and during Sunday's game. The Wilmington News Journal's Geoff Mosher reported Sunday night that Reid was frustrated by Jackson's "loose demeanor" before the game and his disinterest in pre-game drills.

Rich Hofmann of the Daily News based his column on Jackson's postgame behavior and brought up some good points:

"It is fair to say that this season is not playing out the way Jackson expected," writes Hofmann. "In a year when he is playing for a new contract, he has 35 catches for 678 yards and five touchdowns. He could still explode here -- exploding is what he does, after all -- but he is on a pace to see all of his key numbers drop from last season."

When Jackson stood up and finally started getting dressed Sunday evening, he shouted something across the locker room to Michael Vick. The Eagles quarterback seemed almost amused by all the drama and he addressed the topic in his postgame news conference:

"We'll get him going again," said Vick. "He just can't get frustrated. He has to understand that there are professionals on the other side of the ball, too. And we have some pretty good coaches, some damn good coaches, and we're going to make it work."

I think all of this will blow over pretty quickly. Reid has always been a huge supporter of Jackson's, and it's not like him to single out a player in front of his teammates. I'm sure the two of them will have a conversation today and everyone will look ahead to Thursday's game against the Houston Texans. Houston has one of the worst pass defenses in the league, so perhaps Jackson can make a quick recovery.