Eagles, Giants in the playoffs right now

If the NFL season ended today (and it's not scheduled to), the Philadelphia Eagles would be the No. 3 seed and the New York Giants would be the No. 6 seed. That means the Giants would play a wild-card playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on either Jan. 8 or 9.

One of our talented blog editors, Brett Longdin, has put together a helpful graphic to illustrate the playoff picture. The Saints currently have a better record than the Eagles, but Philadelphia has the higher seed because it leads the NFC East by virtue of a recent win over the Giants.

We'll keep you posted on all the playoff scenarios now that we're into December. The Redskins have the same record (5-6) as the fourth-seeded St. Louis Rams, but they have the misfortune of playing in a more competitive division. I think the first team to eight wins obviously wins the NFC West -- and even seven wins might get it done.

The Dallas Cowboys were not included in any of the scenarios by virtue of their eight losses.