Bizarro world for Redskins athletic trainers

Every day is an adventure for the Washington Redskins' athletic training staff. Doctors have cleared running back Ryan Torain (hamstring) to return to action, but he is only working out on the side at this point. With the Redskins running attack hurting in a bad way right now, coach Mike Shanahan sounds like he is challenging Torain.

"I'm about ready to strangle Ryan right now because he hasn't come back quite quick enough," joked Shanahan to reporters Thursday. "Seriously, we've had some doctors and other people come in and look at him. He's been trying to push himself out there. The player normally knows. I'm not a doctor. I don't pretend to be. And so, when doctors [are] saying, 'Hey, they're ready to go,' trainers feel like they're ready to, the strength is there, then we start working 'em.

"We've got enough things to do besides trying to pretend that we know when a guy's ready to go back in. But our staff, our training staff, does a great job of working these guys out. They get treatment, three or four times a day. And I know a guy like Ryan's biting at the bit. He's been hurt, through most of his career, and he's got an opportunity to show what he can do. And unfortunately, he's not able to come back yet."

To me, that sounds a lot like, "if Ryan Torain wants a future with this organization, he better figure out how to play through some pain." I've probably been a bit too harsh with my criticism of Shanahan's approach to the running game. It is not like a coach plans to have backs get injured in pregame warm ups on a weekly basis. He dealt himself a bad hand to start with, but he has also had some awful luck along the way. And things are getting even stranger.

Starting left tackle Trent Williams missed practice Thursday because he injured his left shoulder at home. Does that seem odd to anyone else? When was the last time you injured your left shoulder at the house? I had some soreness in my right forearm Thursday from typing the letter "i" so many times, but it was not enough to put me on the injury list.

"I'm not really sure what happened, but he hurt it at his house," Shanahan said of Williams. "He got treatment. I think he'll be okay."

If you are on the Redskins' practice squad these days, you should count on becoming a starter in two games or less. And by the way, there is pretty much no way safety LaRon Landry (Achilles) and Carlos Rogers (hamstrings) will play against the New York Giants on Sunday, although they have not been officially ruled out.

Be careful around the house today.