The Albert Haynesworth distraction

NEWARK, N.J. -- Just when you think things have calmed down with the Albert Haynesworth situation, he and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan find something else to disagree about.

Haynesworth told reporters after the game that he was ready to roll Sunday despite the team saying he was held out because of an illness. There were various reports Sunday night that Haynesworth had drawn Shanahan's ire for being one minute late to a meeting last week.

I don't think his presence would've changed the outcome, but Haynesworth's teammates admitted that his status served as a distraction before the game. Asked if it was "deflating" to find out Haynesworth wasn't playing, defensive end Phillip Daniels had this to say:

"Very. We count on everybody," he said. "Your mental attitude is to say we've got our guys, let's go out here and fight together. Let's do the things we need to do. Then you realize one of the biggest, most important guys on defense isn't playing. I just think that everybody starts talking about that and it takes away from what we're trying to go out there and do."

Shanahan probably would've been better off trading Haynesworth when he had the chance. Now he'll likely have to release him after the season. And actually, I'd think about doing it immediately. That has been a toxic situation since this past offseason.

OK, taking off from Newark en route to Dallas. Check in with you guys soon.