Eagles, Giants surge in Power Rankings

Our esteemed panelists have been taking a wait-and-see approach with the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants in the weekly ESPN.com Power Rankings, but they finally made a market correction in Week 15. Both Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin punched their fists in the air Tuesday afternoon when they were informed by staffers they'd made a significant move in the top 10.

As he does every week, NFC West blogger Mike Sando pulled the curtain back on the mysterious voting process. The shroud of secrecy has been lifted and NFL fans now have an easier time dispensing their angry comments. Let's take a closer look at how the Eagles and Giants moved up a combined six spots with wins over the Cowboys and Vikings:

6. Philadelphia Eagles -- AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky has been bullish on the Eagles all season and he remained consistent with a "5" on his ballot. John Clayton, one of the few remaining Redskins apologists, had Philadelphia at No. 7. I think No. 6 is about right for the Eagles at this point of the season. The only NFC teams ahead of them are the Falcons and Saints.

7. New York Giants -- Kuharsky had the Giants one spot higher at No. 6, but he was canceled out by Clayton's harsh No. 9 vote. Coughlin was spotted scratching his head for several minutes Tuesday over The Professor's vote. Clayton has the Chicago Bears and New York Jets ahead of the Giants on his ballot. Seriously.

20. Dallas Cowboys -- This was really interesting. The Cowboys made the biggest leap (four spots) of any team in the league. Playing the Eagles close in a game at Cowboys Stadium apparently caught the voters' attention. But this is probably another market correction. The panelists had been very slow to react to the legend of Jason Garrett, so they're probably making up for lost time.

25. Washington Redskins -- Sando and Kuharsky were ready to bury the Skins with "27s" on their respective ballots, but Clayton refused to give up on Mike Shanahan's team with a No. 20 vote. He has the Skins ranked ahead of the Browns, Cowboys, Vikings and Seahawks. James Walker raised eyebrows in the league office by placing the Seahawks 19th on his ballot. Kuharsky slapped that vote away, though, with a "26" for the Seahawks.

The Beast is ranked third in the overall rankings behind the NFC South and the AFC East. Kuharsky was kindest to the NFC East with an average ranking of 14 while Sando served as the Grinch with a 15.5. Thanks for everyone who participated in this week's edition.