Reid: Vick's given us 'energy'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In what may have been one of the most anticipated training camp practices in Eagles history, quarterback Michael Vick led the scout team through a series of plays Saturday morning and then got a quick weightlifting session in. As we speak, Vick is going through his second practice.

Between practices, coach Andy Reid shed a little light on what type of condition Vick is in. And by the way, I've been sort of surprised at how open Reid has been with the media throughout this process.

"I think he would tell you that he probably needs to lose two pounds and with the next four days, it probably being 90 degrees, that will probably happen," Reid said of Vick. "If you're in a two- to three-pound range or a five-pound range then that's pretty good after a two-year hiatus. But, there's the other part of that, there's throwing the football and timing and all of those factors that go into it and he's been away. So, he's going to need to do that, and not every throw is going to be a perfect throw and he's going to have to get his legs under him.

"We've got a period of time here where we can do that, so we'll just play it by ear as we go. And, I'll communicate with Michael and I'll watch his performance and see how he does."

I think Reid's aware of everyone's desire to figure out how Vick will be used in the Eagles' West Coast offense. The coach thinks that Vick's exposure to the offense in Atlanta under Jim Mora puts him ahead of the curve. Reid also reiterated that Kevin Kolb is still the No. 2 quarterback and that his knee injury is not what dictated the decision to sign Vick. Reid continued to echo owner Jeffrey Lurie's theme about Vick giving back to the community. Asked whether he's measuring Vick's success more as a player or as a person, Reid said:

"I think it's a combination of both. He's been so proactive with the Humane Society and the things that he's done there. When he first got out of jail he worked with the Boys and Girls club. That was the first step and then he went from there, he did a nice job there. I've always told you, these guys are people first. I think the part of the rehabilitation of the person is a work in progress and focused in and you've got the mindset, the confidence that he's going to do the right thing. And then the other side of it is the football side. They're two different things."

My biggest concern with signing Vick would be the potential distractions that his presence could cause. In particular, I'm referring to the seven satellite trucks I saw in the NovaCare Complex parking lot Friday and the increased level of media coverage, which will now include additional news outlets. And while I'm thinking about it, remember to watch Vick's appearance on "60 Minutes" on Sunday night. Something tells me the folks at CBS were able to go back in and include the news of Vick's signing in the package. Here's what Reid had to say about the potential distractions:

"I can only tell you what I've read and then how I've communicated with the players and asked them that same question, 'how are you?' The guys have been so upbeat and positive with it and I haven't really felt a distraction, there's almost a little bit of energy. I think they're all pulling for Michael. We're just kind of a microcosm of the city and really the world with the little football team there. I think people deep down are pulling for him. Now, it's important he does the right thing. He's got to continue doing what he's been doing, and right now he's very focused on that."

Will continue to keep you up to date on the most recognizable third-string quarterback in the league. Yes, I'm assuming that Vick has moved past A.J. Feeley on the depth chart. You think I'm safe there?