Haynesworth checks in with Beast

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

BALTIMORE -- Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth didn't play in Thursday's preseason game against the Ravens, but he did take some time to visit with the NFC East blog. He discussed Michael Vick, Greg Blache's defensive scheme and his passion for Wal-Mart. Here's a portion of the interview:

What are your thoughts on having to face Michael Vick twice a season?

AH: I'm glad someone signed him. The man's suffered enough. But I've played with Steve McNair and Vince Young. Mobile quarterbacks aren't anything new to me.

Do you need to play in the preseason to feel comfortable?

AH: I'm going to play next week. I'd really like to get out there. I think playing next to my new teammates would really be beneficial.

You've only made it through a complete season once without some type of injury. Have you done anything to address that?

AH: I haven't done anything different. I'd rather go 1,000 percent through 14 games and help get my team in the playoffs than play all 16 and not be right. That's how I've been an All-Pro and a Pro Bowl player.

Has it been tough to adjust to a different defense?

AH: I won't lie. It's been tough at times. We make a lot more calls at the line here. But I'm starting to feel more comfortable.

Have you set any personal goals for this season?

AH: I don't set numbers like that. I'd be happy with four or five sacks as long as we're successful. My goal is to be as disruptive as I can be. Last year I had 8.5 sacks, and that's my highest number. I actually like the idea of drawing double- and triple-teams. That's what gets me going.

Do you feel any extra pressure after receiving the huge contract?

AH: No, that's just not something I think about. I'll play at the same level no matter what I'm getting paid.

How do you compare Redskins fans to Titans fans?

AH: [Redskins fans] are everywhere. And they're a little more aggressive. I used to be able to go out and sort of chill. Every time I go out here, people are always showing up at the table.

What are your favorite night spots in D.C. so far?

AH: I don't know about that. I like to go to Wal-Mart. That's where I get some good deals on DVDs and you can get a 24-pack of water for $3.99. I also like drinking Pedialyte a lot.

I'm told folks drink that stuff after a big night?

AH: Yeah, but I just like it. I don't use it that way.

What's the biggest difference between [Redskins defensive coordinator] Greg Blache and [former Titans defensive coordinator] Jim Schwartz?

AH: Blache is more of an old school guy. He knows exactly what he wants and he puts you in good situations. Schwartz was a computer genius. He could tell you a whole lot of stuff. I guess I'm still trying to get to know Blache a little bit.

Have you learned to hate your NFC East rivals yet?

AH: No, I actually hate all 31 teams equally, including Tennessee.

So you don't keep up with guys from your old team?

AH: No, I do talk to Keith Bulluck, Tony Brown, Cortland [Finnegan], [Michael] Griffin and some of those guys.

Back to an earlier topic, do you like regular Wal-Marts or Super Wal-Marts?

AH: I like the Super Wal-Marts. You can even get your taxes done in there.