Giants draw inspiration from '07 team

The New York Giants will practice Wednesday for the first time since Sunday's 38-31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The loss was so debilitating that it prompted quarterback Eli Manning to hold a players-only meeting Monday during which he was the keynote speaker.

If the Giants win in Green Bay on Sunday, they're in the playoffs. But the Packers will be a desperate team looking to bounce back from a narrow loss to the Patriots. Giants defensive end Justin Tuck reminded reporters Monday that the '07 team lost twice to the Dallas Cowboys before beating them in a divisional playoff game at Texas Stadium.

"Hopefully, the parallel I am looking forward to is Dallas beat us twice that year too and we got an opportunity to go to Dallas and beat them [in the playoffs]," said Tuck. "Obviously we got to get into the tournament."

"A lot will be told Wednesday when we step onto the football field and how we react to being back on the field after such a crushing loss. I know this football team, and the majority of them are very resilient. The only reason why I say majority is because we got some first-time guys who haven't been in this situation, so we will see how they respond."

It looks like Manning and Tuck will set the tone for the Giants. That loss to the Eagles will either define the Giants as a cursed team or perhaps serve as the impetus for a playoff run like '07. And by the way, my longtime colleague from ESPNNewYork.com (seven months), Ohm Youngmisuk, had this to say about the Giants' collapse:

"Blowing a 31-10 lead with eight minutes to go and losing on a 65-yard punt return on the final play of the game is about as traumatic as your fiancee leaving you -- for your best man -- at the altar."

Has anyone out there actually witnessed something like this? I feel like Ohm has been watching too many Julia Roberts movies during the holiday season.